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Why WordPress

What it Means

So Why WordPress??

SEO : Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Friendly Permalinks

  • WordPress allows you to use “smart” permalinks which are SEO friendly. What this means is that links or urls for pages and posts can contain keywords so that search engines – and people can understand what they are all about.

HTML Markup

  • WordPress allows you to create pages that are easy for goole to “read” and understand.

Title Tags

  • WordPress enables the easy use of these tags to structure your writing so that it is optimised for search engines.

Images and Video

  • With wordpress it is a piece of cake to add and setup your images and video – alt tags & descriptions help to optimise these all important pieces of your website.

SEO Plugins

  • There are a miriad of available plugins to assist in keeping you on top of your game with SEO. For example Yoast Plugin assists with SEO optimisation with content as well as setting for robots, sitemaps and even a handy guide to writing your blogs.SEO Plugins.


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