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Booking Systems

What it Means

Online Booking Systems : What to look for.

An online booking system should allow customers to view availability, pricing and product or service details and reserve their appointment using an online calendar. Choosing the right software is of utmost importance as this is the client business interface and can make or break your transaction.

Easy to Use

  • This is perhaps the most important feature – if it is not easy to use – people will simply click off your website and look elsewhere.
  • If you require scheduling software most likely you will need a developer to assist in getting things to run smoothly.


  • Is it built for growth – can it be scaled up. Your aim is growth right? So can this system handle that?

Mobile Access

  • Can you access your bookings from any platform – a must have in todays fast paced world.

Automated Reminders

  • This is an absolute MUST – email and or sms reminders are essential to your system, both for you and your client.
  • Look for a system that fully automates this process from inception of a booking through to cancelled appointments.


  • Your system should be ready to go – at all times. Your customers are likely to want to book your services at odd hours so make sure this is possible.

Booking Requests

  • It is wise to invest in a system that allows booking requests that may not be accommodated within your structured schedule. This way you will get to know the real needs of your customer and not loose potential business.

Integration & Support

  • Make sure your booking system has full integration with your existing systems and that it is fully supported with timeous updates.

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