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ecom websites

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ecommerce & functional sites

Ecommerce websites can be really simple or really complex. It is important to correctly spec the system at the start to ensure that you get the required functionality and also understand the costs involved. A home store selling some wares vs talealot – the scope is very broad. We also cover websites that host booking systems, e-learning platforms and event and ticketing management.

some basic questions

  1. how many products will be in your shop?
  2. do they have variants like colours or sizes?
  3. how many products categories do you have? 
  4. do you have correctly sized product images?
  5. do you have all product info in an excel format?

some pricing questions

  1. do your products have more than one price?
  2. do you offer discounts?
  3. do you offer product bundle pricing? 
  4. do you offer coupons?
  5. do you offer gift vouchers?

some shipping questions

  1. do you sell your products in different areas?
  2. do have different shipping costs for different areas?
  3. do you use a courier/s? 
  4. do you offer coupons?
  5. do you offer gift vouchers?

subscriptions and virtual products

  1. do you require a subscription system?
  2. do you have any virtual products?
  3. do you sell e-learning courses? 
  4. do you require event management?
  5. do you need a ticketing system?

some booking system questions

  1. is your service or activity recurring?
  2. do you operate in more than one location?
  3. do you need to reschedule bookings? 
  4. do you need to integrate with google calendar?
  5. do you offer conditional pricing?

some e-learning questions

  1. do you sell multi-tiered courses?
  2. do have advanced quizzing?
  3. do you require certificates and badges? 
  4. do you require drip feed content?
  5. do you require a lesson timer?

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