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Pink Frog Webs

Engage Your Clients

Grow Your Google Presence

Pink Frog Webs


Engage Your Clients

Grow Your Google Presence

We Specialise in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

… Your online organic reach …

Aligining your on site & social activity

with your core business vision

Need to be found?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important tool for boosting your website’s visibility and increasing organic traffic.

How we do SEO with you

What we will do ….

  • Evaluate your companies organic online strength
  • Compare this to your main competitors
  • Advise and implement strategy to build and improve your google ranking.
  • Send you a monthly tracking report with analytics.


  • Is this a once off ? No
  • Organic ranking is highly competitive and required continuous work
    • (much like posting on social media platforms)

SEO What is this thing?

SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimisation. This is basically gearing your website for visibility online. SEO seeks to organically increase your visibility and ranking with the goal of growing your website traffic.

Our Philosophy

Our Search Engine Optimisation Protocols are aligned to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and as such we will not work outside of these specifications.

We seek to honour the rule of making pages and content primarily for users and not search engines.

We will not pay for links from link farms or unrelated websites.

Our goal is to optimise your website visibility organically and ultimately improve your search position in google.


SEO make You Feel Like You Are Just Swimming Upstream?

We can Help

SEO = Continuous Work

SEO is not a one-shot thing – rather it is a continuous effort which needs to be aligned with your company vision and goals. Like a shopping centre with closed stores – google views websites that are not active as less relevant and thus your position on search will drop over time.

Fresh Content

Good SEO Depends on Fresh Content and is important to maintain your SEO. Content is at the core of every successful strategy. This makes regular content generation an integral part of long term SEO that is key to the overall success of your SEO strategy. Fresh content is only a part of good SEO – to ensure that you are not wasting these hours this content needs to be targeted by researching your keywords and following a clear SEO strategy.

Our goal is to work alongside you and develop a continuous working plan for your SEO.